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Hello Everyone, I started this here during the last, long ago round, with the intention of finishing it within the month--well, I didn't do that, but I did finish it!

Title: Of Silver Light and Shadows, Part 12 of 12
Author: mindabbles
Characters/Pairings: Remus/Sirius, James/Lily, Peter, assorted Order members.
Rating: PG-13 for this part. The series ranges PG to NC-17
Summary: Life just after Hogwarts, life in the Order, is an adjustment. Herein, there's some romance, some angst of the war-time-growing-up kind, some humour, some absurd miscommunication, some adventure, and a little smut.
Notes: This is a series that was started at nest_of_spiders in August of 2007 (oh yes, that long ago!). It takes place over 17 days in August of 1979. Thank you so much to elizassecret for her beta work on every single part, and to elsane, gryffindorj, and sambethe for beta help on story line and other sections.

Part 1: Remus waits, Sirius makes things up, and James and Lily both try to make the best of a bad situation.
Part 2: James contemplates, Peter makes the bacon, we doubt Dumbledore’s judgment, and Sirius has a run-in of the bucolic sort and Remus is his hero.
Part 3: Peter and James hear more than they care to, Sirius takes a leap and Remus is an idiot, Lily hears just enough, and Peter and Remus have an awkward conversation.
Part 4: The Marauders hunt for clues and miss the mark, Sirius is in a bad mood, and Lily says good-bye to her childhood.
Part 5: Regulus is a fool, Sirius keeps his head, Lily and the Marauders avert a brawl, and Remus gets his chance to explain.
Part 6: Lily loses her cool, James is afraid of his own shadow, Peter is down for the count, Sirius and Remus discuss the finer points of cowboy films, and the Order arrives just in time.
Part 7: Peter will make it, thanks to Madam Pomfrey's expert care, Gideon and Fabian are suspicious, Sirius has had enough, and Remus really does want to.
Part 8: Peter re-evaluates, James hesitates, Lily plans, Sirius has a new purchase.
Part 9: Sirius makes good on his promise to abduct Remus. Remus has a surprise or two of his own.
Part 10: Remus can't let sleeping dogs lie, Lily puts James out of his misery, and Peter goes home in a huff.
Part 11: Sirius is smitten and James is immature, Lily speaks her mind, Remus finds his parents know more than he thinks, and Peter is in a panic.

Part 12: Remus crosses a line, James stops him, Peter and Lily have epiphanies of different sorts, and in the very end, Sirius gets what he wanted all along.


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