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nest_of_spiders's Journal

Nest of Spiders
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Welcome to nest_of_spiders.

We'll be providing a prompt a day (a mix of quotes, pictures, ideas, facts, poetry, music, or pieces from canon) throughout the month of August.

The community is open to all characters and pairings (gen, slash/femmeslash, het) from the First War/Marauders' Era of Harry Potter (approximately 1970-1981). There are no deadlines and you are not required to work off the prompts, they are merely suggestions to help spark your imagination. The hope is to create space for a mix of First War-themed fic and art.

- For the sake of all our flists, please put all art and fic over 100 words behind a cut.
- At minimum, please provide a title, characters/pairings, rating and any warnings when posting.

Otherwise, pull up a chair, relax and have fun.

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